Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Cost of Doing Business

Was there ever any doubt that they would reach a deal?

And a sweetheart it is too.

Layton gets all the goodies he wants so he's a hero.

To pay for it only 'big' businesses will have their promised tax cuts eliminated, and Martin can dip into all that surplus money for the 'gap'. Everyone hates 'big' business, so Martin is a hero too.

Where are words like 'honour' and 'integrity' and 'principle' in the Canadian lexicon?

Where are the people who would rather resign, than prop up a regime so thirsty for power it's willing to drown the truth with hollow promises, wasted time and voter apathy.

Jack Layton has said: "The NDP is in no rush to judge the scandal . . . " He said that a few times again today.

Passing judgement on this Liberal government is not a prejudgement. We have their history on which to judge them. If people want to make a distinction between the 'Chretien Liberals' and the
'Martin Liberals' it makes no difference. They've each left a trail of broken promises and lies in their wake. And perhaps Martin should be judged more harshly, because much more was expected of him.

" . . . no rush to judge." People say that like it's something to be proud of. Apparently surrendering the power of reason and discernment is a laudable quality.

How much does one have to know before one knows he's being made a fool?

The Gomery Inquiry is not a court of law. No judgements will be made. No pronouncements of guilt or innocence. No final picture of what really, really, really happened.

But let's ourselves, not rush to judge. Let's watch events unfold, mouths agape, minds vacant -- until Mr. Gomery tells us what to think.

Stephen Harper was interviewed by Michael Coren on CFRB this afternoon (They don't have an audio link at the moment.) Anyway, Harper said something to the effect of -- the Liberals need to clean up their party and they should be doing it on their own time, on their own dime. Even those who aren't in a rush to judge must realize that is a fair and reasonable conclusion -- but let's wait till Gomery is over to decide --- after all, what's to lose?.

canadianna, hoping for a better Canada

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