Friday, August 31, 2018

Win - Win

He's a lucky guy, our Prime Minister -- how else do you explain two utter failures that can be spun like gold.

NAFTA negotiations have been a disaster. We've been shut out since the G7 when Trudeau decided to swagger the second Trump got on the plane. Trump snagged back the concessions he'd offered and followed up with tariffs and promises of more -- all because Justin Trudeau stood up to the bully when he wasn't being bullied. A subsequent speech by Chrystia Freeland, slamming Trump, her late arrival the most recent negotiations, Trudeau being too busy to take a call from Trump prior to this round of negotiations starting .... all of these things display contempt for Trump, for the United States, for the negotiations, and for Canadians. It's almost like Justin Trudeau has been seeking failure on this file -- but regardless of the outcome, he'll take no blame because - Trump.

After today's revelation by the Toronto Star about an off-the-record statement Trump made about Canada and negotiations, you can be assured that if he has to give up the dairy farm or if he fails our auto sector, it won't matter. He couldn't have done better -- still -- because Trump.

And with Trans Mountain, he can play both sides. In 2014, he promised that if elected, the pipeline would never be built. He bought it, so he can say that at least he tried. The court scuttled it, so it failed, but it isn't really his fault. Any challenges will last long beyond this term in office, so he'll have kept his promise to the anti-TM side, but still be trying for the pro-TM team. Wow. Horseshoes. 

So Canadian oil is sold at a discount to the Americans who sell it on for market value, but somehow this is a win for someone. Where do the First Nations and environmentalists think their money is coming from if Alberta is unable to develop its oil sector and play on a level playing field with every other oil producing nation on earth. How is Alberta going to feed you all with both hands tied behind its back?

On NAFTA. Trudeau says no deal is better than a bad deal and while that's true, it didn't have to be this way. His disdain for Trump trumped the needs of Canadian people -- Trudeau's ego is the reason we're here. That, and the fact that he has no clue what it means to work for a living, to worry about job security and paying bills. He hasn't a clue who we are. He can't identify with us for a second, how can he possibly represent us?

What a joke. But the joke's on us. Possibly for four more years.



Boorshnik Greesh said...

Sadly, all too true.

Guffman said...

As Winston Churchill said, "the best argument against democracy is a five minute chat with the average voter".

The vast majority of the electorate are SO easily lead by the nose by the main stream media, it's downright saddening.

Can you imagine the talks when these two countries leaders meet to discuss things like the economy and trade? - one a (mostly) self-built billionaire and businessman of fifty years, who built his empire by knowing how to manoeuvre through contracts, regulations, and negotiations, to cut decades worth of very successful deals with individuals, corporations, and governments at all levels. The other a rich, spoiled young frat-boy and former substitute drama/snowboard teacher with no real-life business experience at all, just a famous last name and handsome, photogenic features.
These backgrounds are such polar opposites, I have no idea how any real exchange of meaningful policies and ideas could take place at all.

But experience and track records don't seem to matter much when the MSM have made it their mission to crucify one and praise the other. And when still in a time when most people (sheep), too busy with their lives and self-interests, rely on OTHERS to interpret words and actions, and form their political opinions FOR them, we end up with PM Zoolander destroying our country, and a majority of the electorate cheering him on while doing it.

Winston Churchill was right.