Saturday, August 18, 2018

On Bernier - Agree or disagree, the Conservatives fumbled

I don't want to keep going on about this, but it's bad enough seeing Liberals and the media scorn Bernier and those who agree with him, but it's worse when Conservative leadership lines up alongside. I understand the urge to distance oneself from the perception of racism or anti-multiculturalism, but if instead of the kneejerk reaction, they'd taken a moment to consider how Bernier's tweets actually resonated with a lot of Canadians, and that really, when taken in context as a response to Justin Trudeau, rather than a response to multiculturalism, they could have managed it so it didn't have to be divisive or damaging to the party. Instead, they've let the Liberals set the tone for the Conservative agenda.

They could have said something like,
'We understand Mr. Bernier's concerns, and agree that Prime Minister Trudeau has failed to demonstrate that he values the Canadian identity with the same passion as he does our cultural diversity. We believe, as Mr. Bernier obviously does, that most new Canadians wish to become part of the fabric of Canada and integrate in a positive way, and that our diverse backgrounds and experience enhance our country. As Mr. Bernier has said, we need to continue to find ways to encourage newcomers to do so. 
Unlike the Justin Trudeau's Liberals, we also believe that newcomers to Canada long to be part of a society where they are free to express their political opinions and not be censured or shamed. Mr. Bernier has expressed a point of view which does not incite hatred or violence, but which was, we believe, meant to highlight that it isn't our enjoyment of the flavours, or the dances, or the costumes we see within our cultural mix that makes Canada great as Justin Trudeau keeps telling us, it is our common aspirations for freedom, peace and justice. These are what make us great. These are what unite us and this unity is our greatest strength.'
If, as it appears, the only card Andrew Scheer has to play is being against the Carbon Tax, Doug Ford and some of the other premiers have relieved him of too much worry on that front. How else does he differ from the Liberals? He doesn't seem as simple-minded as Justin, and likely wouldn't embarrass us on the world stage, but he might be pretty invisible. That mightn't be a bad thing had he handled this situation better.

There are just so many ways the Conservative Party could have responded without throwing Bernier (and like-minded conservatives) under the bus and without ostensibly aligning themselves with the Liberals -- you know what-- I am a moderate conservative, and if I have the choice between Justin Trudeau's Liberals and Andrew Scheer's liberals, I'm just staying home next October. If someone is going to run the country like a liberal, then I'd rather it be them. 
I will nevermore be responsible for him by my direct support—even though the consequence should be the election of Jefferson. If we must have an enemy at the head of the Government, let it be one whom we can oppose & for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.
~ Alexander Hamilton, referring to the election of John Adams
Maybe the idea of Scheer is not quite that menacing, but having a Conservative Party that is Liberal lite is not worth the bother.


Anonymous said...

Bernier is right. We need to stop importing third world welfare cases, tens of thousands of them. We need to stop importing people who's culture and religion says they should kill us. Those Canadians who hate their own country and society need to wake up and realize that they are giving our country away. Those who wish to be supplanted by others should leave and go and embrace those cultures in the home countries. Yeah, sure thing.

Boorshnik Greesh said...

Sheer is happy to let Bernier wear this, as Bernier's the biggest threat to his "leadership".

Canadianna said...

I worry how this is going to pan out, only because you know that Bernier and his supporters are being framed as bigots. Legitimate concerns get lost in the fray when people fear being pegged as racist -- which is exactly why leading conservatives have denounced Bernier, despite tacitly agreeing.

dmorris said...

The point most indicative of voter disillusionment with the CPC is that on most conservative blogs I frequent,and that is at least a dozen,the majority of commenters and some blog owners can't even spell Andrew Scheer's name correctly,yet everyone can spell "Trudeau".

You should have written the speech featured here and e-mailed it to Andy Sheer,or is it Shere, or Shear, it might have given him some guidance on how to handle this issue.
Instead of a defiant response and firing back as a good leader should, Scheer essentially agreed with the msm/Liberal take on Bernier's most appropriate comments.
I believe Andrew Scheer has, in his mind,"made it" in his chosen field, content to never be the "star", but happy with second or third billing on the marquee. Vince Lombardi would trade the guy.

Just as when he agreed with Trudeau on the Paris climate change Accord, Scheer showed his true leanings, as a child of the Ottawa political world,and not very representative of conservatives throughout Canada.
If there is a good Independent candidate next Fall, he or she will probably get my vote.

Canadianna said...

Haha dmorris-- you're right... I went back and corrected it just now. I have other posts where I've got it right. To be fair to him, I heavily rely on spellcheck as I'm not a great speller - it really isn't his fault for being rather invisible lol.

Reading Scheer's comments on Twitter yesterday, I'm pleased to see a strong response, but I agree that his policies are just watered down liberal. I think he sees himself as the anti-Harper, and maybe that was right for the time, but a lot has changed since the nomination. I'm not confident in his ability to sway median voters and that's what needs to be done. At this point, Bernier going full tilt, I think he will alienate the centrists he needs to court, but Scheer is sadly lacking in a lot of ways -- there is a disconnect with the base on many policy issues, and a general blandness that won't translate into voter support. The CPC needs to bring out the apathetic voter. That won't happen with Scheer at the helm.