Saturday, July 07, 2018

Trudeau's shameful lack of respect

If you read the original editorial about the groping incident, the writer is as incensed with the apology as she was with the actual incident. The man apologized --- why did the woman still write the editorial? Why wasn't she over it? Because the apology disrespected her as much as the touch did.

And he's still doing it.

The fact that in apologizing, Trudeau felt the need to let her know that her status as a national reporter would have prevented his *alleged* lechery, is disrespectful to ALL woman, not just the woman he touched. Any woman should be able to live and work without having do deal with some lout's hand on her, and Mr. Trudeau's apology showed that he didn't get it. He still doesn't.

The incident itself has become secondary to Prime Minister Trudeau's dismissal of the woman's reaction. In his interview on CBC Morning, he's still saying *if* I apologized (because apparently he's still not sure sometimes) (questions about it start around 9:12). In an interview with CP24 he even says:
Who knows where her mind was?
Seriously Mr. Prime Minister? What is that meant to imply? What else could have been going on in her head except what she wrote in that editorial? That you have no manners.

First you disrespected her by touching her. Then you disrespected her with some back-handed apology, and now, eighteen years later, you disrespect her yet again, minimizing her experience by repeatedly denying it happened but giving her permission to see things differently from you. Your inability to even concede that you MIGHT have been inappropriate forced her out of privacy to defend her integrity in having brought this incident to light in the first place.

As a feminist, you should be ashamed of what you have put his woman through, when you could simply have said, I accept that I might have behaved in an inappropriate manner. But you are so smug, so arrogant, you cannot see your way to yielding even a bit. No grace. No class and certainly no regard for the feelings of the woman.

The Prime Minister's obtuse ramblings, and his attempts to school the rest of us are just unbelievable. I am not a 'believe the women' woman. I believe every situation deserves to be viewed on its own merit. The fact that Mr. Trudeau is a 'believe the women' advocate -- except now -- is telling.

In this particular case, even if nothing happened -- the Prime Minister's condescension is disrespectful attitude toward the woman, and toward ALL women in his *ifpology* and his disrespect of the men he unceremoniously tossed from their jobs for lesser alleged transgressions is galling.

To use a line from his own phrase book, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is a sanctimonious *piece of shit*.

Two days ago I could have given him a pass if he'd managed to own up in any way. There is nothing he could say now that would make me think any differently.

And before anyone starts suggesting this is partisan, I've stayed pretty quiet lately and the couple of times I've mentioned Trudeau on this blog, I've defended him. This isn't about Liberal or Conservative because I hold no party affiliation --- this is entirely about a smug, entitled, privileged man who has never had to face the consequences of his stupidity.




Frances said...

He soooo does NOT get it. It's not about "where her mind was", it's about where his hand had been.

Canadianna said...

You made me laugh out loud.. literally!

Boorshnik Greesh said...

In his defense, condescention is all he knows.

Anonymous said...

Old white guy says------------------hypocrisy is another one of his outstanding traits.

Canadianna said...

Indeed, Boorshnik.

Anonymous - hypocrisy knows know race and Trudeau would be soooo upset to see someone called him old lol.

joseph fisher said...

Remember this quote?
"Ready right now to do those things that Stephen Harper won't do "
Add this "ifpology" to the list of things Stephen Harper would never have done.

Canadianna said...

So true, Joseph. Harper was a gentleman. I don't know if he'd be considered a feminist by the standard, but he has manners.