Monday, July 09, 2018

New questions for Trudeau

Upon learning that the touch was in fact a hand on the woman's ass, we have to wonder:
Did he simply forget the incident, and therefore believe he did nothing wrong?
Is the woman lying or delusional and the incident never happened?
Or is putting a hand on a strange woman's ass sometimes appropriate?
His insistence that he is confident that he "did nothing wrong" says to me he remembers -- so which of the other two options is it? Is she lying, or is what he did okay?

I really hope someone asks him but I haven't even noticed the questions on Twitter where it's being chattered about more than in the MSM.

So entitled. So privileged. So ill-mannered and now maybe a liar too.



Anonymous said...

None of those questions will be asked by the MSM now that a channel changer has been introduced: the extension of Canada's mission to Latvia, with the brave Trudeau showing up to lift the troops' morale -- by showing them his new pair of socks, maybe?
The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meetings will not be about NATO (No Ass Touching Owned)
-- Gabby in QC

Canadianna said...

It's gotten a little quieter, I agree, but for the first time, I feel I'm seeing unbiased reporting. There's a lot in the news about Canada's failure to live up to its obligations. I'm wondering if the media is finally ready to call things how they are instead of presenting a halo around everything he does.

Anonymous said...

I wish I too could say that "the media is finally ready to call things how they are". Last weekend, as I was trimming some veggies for supper, I tuned in to a radio show I had never listened to before. It was Amanda Lang, who now works at Bloomberg, interviewing former PM Paul Martin. I expected the interview to focus on business issues and/or trade. Instead, both of them bemoaned the demise of the Kelowna Accord after the Conservatives won power back in 2005/06.
Ms. Lang at one point states:
Of the many tragedies of the Harper government, one of them was abandoning the Kelowna Accord”. “The many tragedies”!!
The anti-Conservative crowd, be it media or political opponents, are still attacking Mr. Harper, not even allowing him his right to express his opinion on current issues. Yet all former PMs — Chretien, Turner, Campbell, Clark, and Martin — were often sought out to express their opinion on then-PM Harper.
-- Gabby in QC