Saturday, August 05, 2006

On one condition . . .

Speaking without irony I'm sure, a Hezbollah Minister serving in the Lebanese government says that his terrorist wing will abide by the proposed UN resolution on the condition that Israel withdraw all its troops from Lebanon.
"We will abide by it on condition that no Israeli soldier remains inside Lebanese land. If they stay, we will not abide by it," Mohammed Fneish said when asked whether Hezbollah would stop fighting under a U.N. resolution calling for a cease-fire or a cessation of hostilities.
I suppose that means they're planning on returning the kidnapped Israeli soldiers to ensure that 'no Israeli soldier remains inside Lebanese land.'

I'm sure France will be pleased that its push for diplomacy has moved this mountain.



-canuck- said...

Israel should demand that Nasrallah accepts Israel's right to exist in exchange for Israel saying they accept Lebanon's right to exist.

For s**ts and giggles.

TrustOnlyMulder said...

I agree with Canuck. Israel should ask for the Hizbollah constitution or whatever they call it to change and have the section on wiping Israel off the map removed. If that is not included, I would call a ceasefire just a reloading excercise. And if that is the case, Israel is better off eradicating Hezbollah from Lebanon.

Canadi-anna said...

Even with a change to their constitution, I wouldn't trust Hezbollah to honour any agreement.

-canuck- said...

^Yes I agree with you. But it would be sweet to hear Nasrallah verbalise that Hezbollah agrees to the existance Israel, even though we all know that he would be fibbing.

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