Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whining their way home

Our military was left in such a state by our previous government that we couldn't even transport our own troops overseas, we had to hitch a ride with the Americans --and yet some of those who are being rescued from a war zone can't understand why they have to wait for help -- why the conditions are not First Class.

One angry evacuee said that on the five hour trip to Cyprus, the first wave of Canadian refugees had to face unpleasant conditions. There was "no food, no A/C, people had to sleep on the floor. People were vomitting -- we were treated like animals."

Well, I can think of 8 Canadians who would gladly trade places with them. Too bad they're dead.

Quit your whining and be glad that in this day and age all the governments of the world have decided to use this flare up to establish the precident of fully aiding and organizing an evacuation of all of their citizens from a crisis zone instead of just providing travel information and advisories.

Be thankful you're alive and that your governments care enough to help you stay that way.



ferrethouse said...

Well said!

I suppose we should rent luxury cruiseships and keep them docked at dangerous spots around the world just in case we need to evacuate part-time Canadians who choose to pay their taxes elsewhere.

They made their choice to live there. Their Canadian passport is nothing more than insurance. I didn't get up this morning to pay for their airfare half way around the world. I expect them to pony up when they get here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why when these people are in Canada, they are Lebonese-Canadian but when they are in trouble (because they are in Lebonan)they are now Canadian!!!!

PGS said...

While I support the government’s efforts to move Canadian citizens out of harms way I question why the evacuees are not being billed for this service.

You are visiting/living in a country that is unable to oust a terrorist militia in spite of a promise to the UN to do so. You are visiting/living in a country where said terrorists regularly commit acts of war against a neighbouring state. You are visiting/living in a country where the military is widely infiltrated by this same terrorist organization.

If you're going to put yourself in harm's way you should be expected to at least fund your own rescue.

If nothing else this episode should bring the whole issue of dual citizenship into the national debate and perhaps we can end this idiotic practice once and for all. You're either in or out - no half measures.

valiantmauz said...
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valiantmauz said...

It's a big evacuation, and I for one don't fault the government for the slow pace. For every quibbler, I'd like to ask: just howinell would YOU get up to 50,000 people out of a war zone where the only viable route out is by sea? Oh, and you don't have ships in the Med. Oh, and EVERY other nation is trying to get THEIR people out using the same limited pool of available private ships, and limited port space.

Granted, the tone of some of the reports make it seem like the evacuees are a load of ingrates, but then, the media has an interest in the "human drama" occurring, and it's likely in the media's best interest to make it seem as grim as possible. As if it wasn't grim enough.

Dual citizens or not, I just want to see them out and safe, disgruntled or gruntled, and maybe then we can have the wrangle over passports of convenience. As someone who has relatives with dual-citizenships (Canadians married to Europeans), I find the current hullabaloo faintly disgusting.

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Canadi-anna said...

ferrethouse at has a link to a report in the NP with a statement from several Lebanese Canadian groups who have expressed gratitude. Most of my news has come from the TV today, so I was glad Craig pointed this out.
It's too bad the television news is going to great lengths to make the government look incompetent -- and in the process is making out that everyone is a moaner.

(Sorry, I still can't figure out how to do links from here)

kariba said...

Along with the unfortunate and ungrateful activities and statements by some spoiled and disgruntled Lebanese/Canadians, the whole situation is being madly stoked by the liberal press who are gleeful at the thought of any negative press towards our Conservative gov't.
It has most definitely turned into a "Canada's Katrina" event with partisan sniping and hysterics clouding reality.

Civitatensis said...

Your point about the eight Canadians who perished in southern Lebanon is very much the point that the media and the malcontent evacuees ought to keep in mind.

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