Monday, January 23, 2006

Moderates have no place in the new Liberal Party

What moderate thinking person, in their right mind, could vote Liberal?

This final week of the election campaign has done more to damage the Liberals than all of their scandals put together. In his final push to maintain power, Paul Martin has targeted 'progressive' voters and in the end he has destroyed any credibility his party might have had on sensitive social issues. People might have been able to look past the 'corruption of the few' or the ineptitude of many, but they can't ignore the seismic ideological shift to the left.

It remains a mystery why Paul Martin would think 'progressive' voters would vote for a tired and volatile Liberal Party, when they have the alternative of the NDP - a party free from scandal, with a youngish, energetic leader and MPs who seem both committed and bright. And by soliciting votes from the more extreme left, Martin will have alienated those liberals who still consider themselves centrists. If Martin's Liberals feel comfortable embracing the extreme left, then what can be there to hold people with moderate social and fiscal views?

The answer is nothing.

Moderate voters have no longer have a place in the Liberal Party. Their leader has marginalised his own candidates with his vicious and radical rhetoric on social issues and has insulted the voting base by saying that the opinions of these candidates (and by extention, their voters) don't matter and won't be listened to if the Liberals were to remain in power.

Paul Martin is a politician of exclusion and division. In his lust for power, he has become like a giant sponge, soaking up policies and ideology from the NDP, leaving moderate voters no choice but to abstain, vote Conservative or be left behind.

Happy voting.



CanadianTruth said...

"Paul Martin is a politician of exclusion and division."

Wow, you hit the nail right on the head with htat one! Divide an conquer is the strategy this time for sure.

Quebec vs Canada. Alberta vs Canada. Churches vs Gay rights. Woman's right vs prolife. Gun ban vs gun rights. US vs Canada. Missle defence vs no missle defence. Tomato vs tomato ...

He's dragged them all out --- and sometimes seems to be on both sides!!!

Sara said...

Any senior who diagrees with a Liberal is tol to move to the U.S.!

VW said...

What moderate would vote for the Liberals?

Easy answer: one who does so AFTER Paul Martin & Co. resign from the leadership.

The Liberals are in desperate need of a makeover, and that means people in positions of power over the past 10 years need to clear out. Their modes of thinking won't work anymore.

Chris said...

This coming from a guy who slammed Mulroney for 13 years, and then says he was an excellent statesmen. Mr. Martin, go home. You're no longer wanted here.

Chris Palmer said...

Good luck to Canadian Conservatives from the a British Conservative.

ToryPower said...

Polls in Atlantic Canada are seemigly off to a windy - but prosperous start. Tories are braving the -26 windchill here in St. John's to get out to vote. HQs are abuzz with activity and the first Tory votes of election 2006 are being cast! Every vote counts!

Chris Cummins said...

Here's another British Conservative wishing the Canadian Conservatives every success.

By God, Canada needs a new Goverment before the last vestiges of freedom and democracy are snuffed out.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on another blog:

So bye bye Mr. Martin You Lied
You've killed the Liberal Party and Belinda will Cry
Jean's good ol' boys will bekissing you bye
Singing this will be the day The Liberals died.

Chuckercanuck said...

Have fun tonight!

You did really well during the election.

They owe you Ambassador to somewhere...

Michael said...

This promises to be an exciting night. Big **Hugs** from the Blue Maple Leaf Canadianna!

Anonymous said...

By the way at 7:00 Pm Alberta time: Captain's Quarters has been taken down. Gee, why would that be?

Toby said...

I think we should start taking bets as to when Belinda Stronach will ask to join the Conservative cabinet...I'll say 6 months

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this at1:55 a.m.Jan. 24...still in shock that so many Canadians still voted for the Lieberals. Are we that morally challenged?Harper's speech was great.God bless Canada if it isn't too late.
G'night. VF

Anonymous said...

sad day for canada, to see the likes of harper, even in a minority placing.

joel said...

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Sara said...

The Liberals are down, Paul Martin is out of power, he walked away himself!

This is why Paul did what he did, he knew he was stepping down. I still think he should be held accountable for the things he said about the Conservatives, even the bloc would back us on that!

Jim said...
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Jim said...

This is similar( I hope ) to the 1957 election of John George Diefenbaker. He was elected with a minority government but came back in '58 with the largest majority Canada has ever seen. Could history be repeating itself? We can only hope.