Friday, April 22, 2005

Paul-atics as Usual

You've gotta wonder about people who think the Gomery report is going to clarify anything.

The biggest problem with last night's demonstration of Newspeak from our ponderous PM, is that the odious tactic of begging for time seems to be working.

The Editorials of our two national newspapers, the Globe and the National Post came down sympathetically on the PM. The Globe concurs with him that the Gomery Report should be tabled before an election, and the National Post says that the allegations are still only allegations -- as though the Gomery Report will magically change that.

They go on to talk about "Chretienites" and "Martinites" and the bloodfeud between them as though some Liberals (remember the 'mad as hell' speech?) can still be trusted. I guess that I should pay my taxes this month, confident in the notion that only some Liberals are crooks so at least some of my money might go to something worthwhile. Maybe.

Surprisingly, although the Liberal poodle, Toronto Star says that we should wait for Gomery, they also say:

Harper properly asked last night how his party can continue "to prop up" a government accused of corruption.

Does Paul Marin not realize that by stating he'll call an election after Gomery, he's already admitting culpability. He's saying that even though his crew got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, we are supposed to trust them to be the guardians of said jar until we've heard "the facts".

We'll never know "the facts".

The Gomery Report can't tell us anything we don't already -- some people -- some Liberal people -- in the Quebec wing of the Liberal party, where Paul Martin was the #1 guy -- were and are: incompetent, inept, corrupt, criminals, and/or con artists.

I don't want some of these guys in charge of my cookies while I'm waiting to find out which ones should go to jail.

canadianna, hoping for a better Canada

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